Air Abrasion

The drill is often the main reason so many people experience fear and anxiety over taking a trip to the dentist.

In our office, we offer an alternative to the drill to ensure that you get the treatment you need while feeling at ease during the visit. Air abrasion removes decay from a cavity to prepare it for filling. This tool works very much like a sandblaster to remove decay.

Another major advantage of air abrasion is that it is virtually painless. Children and other people who are not fans of needles can feel relaxed with this procedure because local anesthetic is often not needed. Additionally, the particles used in the air abrasion tool bounce off of the tooth to protect the healthy part of the tooth while removing the decay. This offers more precise decay removal than a traditional drill.

Air abrasion is best suited for small cavities on the surface of the tooth. Deep cavities still require the use of the drill. Air abrasion leaves the surface of the tooth where the decay was removed smooth. This is ideal for composite (white) fillings. The drill is still necessary if you require silver fillings.

During the air abrasion procedure, you will be asked to wear protective eyewear to prevent the particles from getting into your eyes. Your mouth may feel gritty from the dust that accumulates in your mouth, but this can quickly be remedied by rinsing your mouth.

We are pleased to offer air abrasion services in our office to ensure that you get the best care possible. Without the need for anesthesia and with precise control, you can get the treatment you need and get out of the office quickly.