One Team. One Location. Comprehensive Services.

At the office of Dr. Dennis A. Blair, DDS, we strive to provide high-quality comprehensive dental care using the latest technology and best practices to ensure that every patient’s individual needs are met.

Our skilled staff work in a relaxed atmosphere to ensure that our patients feel comfortable during their appointments. We have a genuine desire to make your visit stress-free. With our comprehensive services, you only need to visit one dentist to handle all of your dental care needs.

What we do best

You can brighten and improve your smile with veneers.
Sleep apnea and snoring can greatly affect the quality of your sleep.
Dental implants are an excellent way to restore your smile.
Proven methodology using state-of-the-science techniques.
Discolored teeth can leave you feeling less than thrilled with your smile.
If you are missing several teeth, you can restore your smile with full or partial dentures.
Protective gear is important during contact sports, and this includes mouth guards.
Gone are the days of waiting for X-rays to develop. Digital Imaging is fast and reliable.
A comfortable alternative to traditional surgical steps, which often shortens healing times.
A noiseless, heatless, minimally invasive alternative to an old-fashioned dentist’s drill.