Dentures & Partials

Dentures and partial dentures are often the best choice if you are missing several teeth.

They will help to restore your smile so that you can regain your confidence. We will find the right solution for you and create custom dentures that have the most comfortable fit and most attractive results.

A complete denture is an appliance that replaces all of your teeth. Additionally, it provides support for your lips and cheeks to create a natural look on your face. The upper denture fits over the roof of your mouth while the lower denture is U-shaped and leaves space for your tongue for a more comfortable feel.

In order to place a complete denture, your teeth will need to be extracted. Typically, your gums will need to heal before being fitted for a permanent denture. However, immediate dentures are also available and are made in a way that allows your gums to heal below the denture. Adjustments will be necessary as the healing process progresses.

A partial denture is a good option if a few of your teeth are missing. It uses the adjacent teeth for support and to hold it in place. In some instances, crowns may be necessary on the neighboring teeth to ensure the best fit. Just like with a complete denture, a partial denture is removable for cleaning.

Over time, adjustments may be necessary to ensure that your dentures and partials continue to fit well. At routine appointments, we will check your dentures to make sure that you are still happy with the feel and adjust them as needed.