Sports Guards

Play it safe on the field with a mouth guard designed to fit your mouth and provide maximum protection.

You wear other protective gear while playing sports, so be sure that you are taking care of your teeth too. Millions of teeth are knocked out during sport activities every year, and many of these are preventable with the right protective equipment.

While it is possible to find mouth guards in sporting goods stores, these are not as effective as a mouthpiece custom fitted in our office. Every mouth is different, so your sports guard should be molded to match the unique shape of your mouth. Additionally, by having a guard that fits precisely on your teeth, you can hold it in place with very little effort. To make your mouth guard, we will take a mold of your teeth and then customize the shape to match your teeth. They are available for just the top teeth or the top and bottom teeth if necessary.

If you have braces, crowns, and other dental work, then it is especially important to protect your mouth. If you are hit in the face, then it could not only damage the appliance but also injure the soft tissues in your cheek. Your sports guard provides a barrier between your teeth and your cheek to help reduce those injuries.

Take care of your smile requires more than just brushing and flossing. Be sure that your teeth are protected during the game too. Speak with us about getting fitted for a custom sports guard so you will be ready for the next game.